About Us:

We provide platform for pet products. Completely pet Product based website. Best selling products are displayed for your choice with Maximum details. You can choose the need for your pets the best product with best price.

Pets as you know provide companionship. Research done worldwide shows that that the human companion animal bond plays a considerable practical and psychological part in today’s high-pressure society. For those who have lived most of their life with pets its unimaginable to live without a pet at home.

They can become playmates and partners, with unique bonds being formed. They become an essential part of your life. In today's high-pressure society the presence of pets helps many us cope with increasing stress and anxiety. Do not have to elaborate if you are already a hobbyist.

At Pettree.in, we have endeavored to make your bonding stronger by making available all those products which are essential for a good upbringing of your loved pets – fish, birds, dogs, tortoise, hamster, gunnipigs etc.

We meet manufacturers, sourcing best quality products, ethically sourced with maximum Natural ingredients.

This way we ensure that our customers get the best product at their door step with minimum hassles. Long ago, as pet lovers and pet parents  we have found ourselves searching for good quality regular supplies for our pets manufactured and supplied in India.

Pettree.in thus has tied up with Brands that specializes in Aquarium products & accessories with ready stock of over 10000 most essential products for your pet fish.

Our online pet store boasts of a wide range of pet supplies for Tropical Tank, Planted Tank & Marine aquarium at a reasonable price.

We have plans to increase these products for Aquarium and then add on products. You can visit us regularly just giving us your email ID or Mobile number.

We understand that each pet hobbyist choice is unique and different and hence we would appreciate your feedback.

You can write to us support@pettree.in in case you are having difficulty in finding the product or details you are looking for.

Our team has an experience for over 15 years into this business in wholesalers and counter sales in India.

Our expert team ensures that they stock products only after visiting the manufacturer’s facility and a complete check on the quality of the product.

We reinvent our self by introducing new concepts and products on periodic interval. You must be amused by the pricing we offer on our site.

The price of each product we sell is carefully arrived by keeping all our cost low, thus passing on maximum benefit to you as customer.

We do not incur unnecessary over heads and by optimizing our operational efficiency we are able to offer lowest price. One way of doing this was by cutting or reducing the overheads like returns and refunds. We encourage prepaid orders.

Most of the products do not cover return option. Before you confirm your order, if you need any more information please feel free to contact us at support@pettree.in.

As we encourage buyers to check and study all the details about their choice product before effecting the purchase, as most of the products are not under return, pettree does not encourage return. Pettree.in is a friendly platform for its regular buyers, hobbyists and all pet shop business buyers.

We look forward for a great valued relationship. Thank you for visiting us.

Pettree Team

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